Quick Kohler Engine Starting Guide

Starting your Kohler engine can be easy with the right knowledge and preparation.

1. Check the oil level using the yellow dip stick and add if necessary. You will see 2 yellow dip sticks on your engine. These both go to the same reservoir. In most cases, 10W-30 will do.

2. Check the fuel level. Make sure this is at least half full.

3. Check the air filter and replace if dirty or clogged.

4. Check the emergency stop switch. When it is pushed down the engine will turn of or cease to run. Twist to the right and it will pop up and the engine is ready to be started.

5. Set fuel lever to the "ON" position.

6. Set choke lever to "ON" position when cold starting the engine.

7. Set throttle lever to quarter to half throttle.

8. Pull starter cord or use electric start if available.

9. Once the engine is started. set choke lever to "OFF" and throttle lever to idle.

10. Let the engine warm up for a few minutes before setting to full throttle to start your job.

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