Kinetic Log Splitter

22-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter w/ ABS

P/N: PK0322K

  • Fast Kinetic Cycle Time
  • Kohler Command Pro CH245
  • Easier Maintenance Compared to Hydraulic Splitters
  • 22-Ton Splitting Power

The Power King 22-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter gives you the perfect balance for power and portability. The powerful Kohler 4.5HP Command Pro engine spins the two 25lb flywheels to generate the kinetic force. In a matter of seconds, the flywheels are at max speed and ready to unleash. Once you pull the engagement handle, all of that force is transferred to the ram, and it shoots out at a high rate of speed into the log slamming it into the wedge and splitting the log into 2 pieces. The ram springs back and flywheels are brought up to speed producing a cycle time of only 3 seconds. Faster than any hydraulic splitter around. The raised platform and table of the unit make it easier on your back. The foldable front stand and tow bar support any 2 inch ball for easy towing around the yard. There are no pumps, hydraulic fluid filters, hydraulic fluids to mess around with. The 3 second cycle time and 22-tons of force gets the job done and done quick.